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Assisted Living Key Facts 2023-2024

We have based our Assisted Living Lifestyle Package on the assumption that you are able to dress and bathe yourself. We assume that you can prepare a simple breakfast, make a cup of tea and light snack. Your lunchtime or evening meal will be provided, and you have the option to have this in the restaurant or in your own apartment.

If you need help with any of these tasks, we will be able to provide this through our Domiciliary Care Team at an extra charge.


Property Details



The Order of St Augustine of the Mercy of Jesus. Registered Charity 1194230.


The Managing Company

St George’s - Augustinian Care.


The Address

Trinity Lodge, St George’s Park, Ditchling Road, Ditchling Common, East Sussex, RH15 0SH.


Property Types

25 two-bedroom apartments and 2 one-bedroom apartments.


Property Construction

Timber framed construction converted into apartments.



Assured Tenancy Agreement.



There is a maximum limit of people who can reside in the apartment. Two for the master bedroom and one for the second bedroom. A maximum of three. This applies to people residing in the apartment not just visiting.



At least one person residing in the apartment must be over 60.


Domiciliary Care Provider

St George’s Park Ltd. Registered with CQC.



Subletting is not permitted.


Cost of moving in to the property


£1000 holding deposit

To hold a reservation pending the signing of a Assured Tenancy Agreement.

This amount will then be deducted from the first months payment.

If you cancel the reservation prior to signing a Tenancy Agreement, we will refund the Deposit but may retain an amount up to the full value of the Deposit to cover our reasonable administrative expenses in taking forward the reservation up until that point.

A health and wellbeing assessment is required, which is free of charge and carried out by the Domiciliary Care Manager/Deputy.


Ongoing charges payable to the operator

Monthly Rental Charge

This single charge, payable monthly in advance, includes both the rent (for occupying the apartment) and the charges for providing the services listed below.

The rent varies between apartments depending on their size, outlook, etc. Please see the Trinity Lodge Price List for the Charge for each apartment. The ranges are:

  •  1-bed £3,650-3,850 per month
  •  2-bed: £3,750-£4,650 per month

The Monthly Rental charge is costed for one occupant, should there be two or three, an additional meal package will be charged at £250 per person per month.

The Monthly Rental Charge is reviewed annually on 1 April. It is index linked to the Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing (CPIH). Please see the Assured Tenancy Agreement for full details. If we are unable to provide any service covered by the Monthly Rental Charge, we will make alternative arrangements.


Included in the Monthly Rental Charge.

Use of all Trinity Lodge communal areas:

Introduction session to your apartment on moving in.

Maintenance and upkeep of all communal areas including interior and exterior decoration.

Trinity Lodge gardens maintenance.

Maintenance of apartment appliances and systems.

Servicing and maintenance of lifts including an emergency call out plan.

Servicing of communal and apartment heating systems.

Servicing of CCTV and emergency call system, intruder and smoke alarms. 

Cleaning of all communal areas. 

Exterior window cleaning.

Apartment heating cost.

Apartment Water Costs (water and sewerage).

Apartment Electricity costs.

Building Insurance for Trinity Lodge including Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Wifi to apartments and communal areas, Broadband cost.

TV connection to free to view central TV and satellite system. (Satellite subscriptions are not included and should be arranged with appropriate company).

All staffing of Trinity Lodge.

Rubbish collection from your front door.

Weekly provision of one hour’s domestic assistance a week. (This could include cleaning, ironing, washing up, interior window cleaning etc).

One hot meal per day for first occupant (either lunch or supper – two courses) (An additional charge is made for the second/third occupant).

Tea and Coffee for residents in the communal areas.

Access to social events and activities.

Goods delivery service from the Retirement Village Shop.

24 hour on site emergency cover.

Phone line and calls (excluding premium rate and overseas calls).

Secure storage area (Subject to conditions). 

Management charge.

Storage area and recharging for mobility scooter/buggy.

Daily up and about check.

Half yearly additional apartment clean (where required).

Mail and newspapers to be delivered to apartment.

All electrical goods PAT tested on moving in and on an annual basis.

Included in the cost for the first week are help moving furniture in your apartment and picture hanging.

Transport for two shopping trips a week to either Burgess Hill or Haywards Heath. (Subject to availability and requirements).

TV License.

Contribution to Future Maintenance Fund.


Costs on leaving the property

Tenants must give at least 20 working days’ notice to move out and specify the termination date. The Monthly Rental Charge remains payable up to the termination date, regardless of when tenants leave. We will also collect any arrears of charges and any legitimate repair costs. In the event of death, the Monthly Rental charge will remain payable until the apartment has been emptied and keys returned. Any additional food fee and any care fees will cease on the day of death.


Discretionary costs payable to the operator

Extra meal package for second and third occupant. £250 per person per month. (Either lunch or supper – two courses and tea and coffee.)

Parking £365 per annum (allocated space). Parking licence required.

Additional domestic assistance (to your one hour a week). This is billed on an hourly basis. Includes additional housework, laundry etc.

These items are paid monthly in arrears.


Care costs

Personal care and support is available from our Domiciliary Care Team under a separate agreement. This can include personal care (washing, bathing, etc), administering medication, preparing meals, companionship, housekeeping, laundry, ironing, collecting prescriptions, a daily wellbeing visit, support with shopping and attending GP/Hospital appointments, and escorting to events. Costs (chargeable in 30-minute units) range from £19.50 per hour for domestic services and £24.00 per hour for personal care. Please see the Trinity Lodge Domiciliary Care Leaflet for full details of the service available and our charges


Costs payable to third parties

Classes/treatments/ hairdresser. These will be charged at the minimum rate of £24 per hour with higher rates for weekends and public holidays. Full information can be found in our Domiciliary Care leaflet.

Additional meals in the restaurant for guests. At displayed prices.

Guest Suite – The Guest Suite is in Trinity Lodge and currently competitively priced at £35 per person per night (to be booked and subject to availability).

Contents Insurance (we strongly advise you arrange contents insurance).

Council Tax – This is paid directly to the local council and is set by them.

1 Bed       Band D

2 Bed       Band E


Satellite subscriptions are not included and should be arranged with your chosen supplier and paid for directly.



The Monthly Rental Charge includes a contribution towards the costs of Building Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance for Trinity Lodge. This does not include Contents Insurance. We strongly advise you to arrange your own contents insurance.


Future Maintenance

Future Maintenance covers the costs of major repairs, replacements and improvements at Trinity Lodge (e.g. lifts, roofs, windows, doors, driveways, paths, rainwater goods and fencing). St George’s - Augustinian Care are responsible for all Future Maintenance with no additional liability falling on the tenants.


Further Information

Further information is available in the following documents, which are readily available from our Sales/Lettings Advisers:

The Assured Tenancy Agreement provides further information on the obligations of tenants.

The Estate Regulations provide guidance on community rules. Please note that we do not allow pets.

The Trinity Lodge FAQs answer common questions.



We encourage you to discuss your housing options with your family and friends, and seek independent advice, support and representation as appropriate in connection with a move to Trinity Lodge.

























St George's - Augustinian Care. The Lodge Administration Centre St. George's Park, Ditchling Road, Burgess Hill RH15 0US. Registered in England & Wales No. 04718235.