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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there an option to purchase an Assisted Living apartment instead of renting it? 
A. Unfortunately not, we believe that rental for Assisted Living apartments is the best option, this will give you much greater flexibility in respect of when you are able to move.


Q. Who will be managing Trinity Lodge?

A. Augustinian Care will provide the services and facilities at Trinity Lodge.  St George’s Park Ltd.’s Domiciliary Care Team will provide additional assistance should you require it. (Additional costs apply, see the Domiciliary Care Leaflet.)


Q. How would you describe the hospitality services at Trinity Lodge?
A. We see the hospitality services as a vital and an integral part of the Assisted Living lifestyle at Trinity Lodge. Our friendly and experienced team will be onsite 24/7 to help residents when required. They will be able to help with all aspects of your daily living and any additional help you may require such as booking theatre tickets, taking deliveries etc. They will also supply emergency call response.


Q. Will the quality of Trinity Lodge be maintained?
A. Augustinian Care will run Trinity Lodge to the highest standards, we want the quality of the building, facilities, and services to remain as good as when you moved in. We own the building and rent out the apartments, so it is in our interest to ensure the high quality is retained.


Q. Do I have to redecorate or refurbish when I leave the apartment?
A. No you do not, we will undertake any redecoration once you have moved out of the apartment.


Q. Is parking and storage available?
A. Residents can rent a parking space by purchasing a licence. This will provide you with a parking permit to park in a space in the car park to the front of Trinity Lodge.

Included in your rent is the use of an individual lockable storage unit located within Trinity Lodge.

Visitor parking will be available at no charge.


Q. Can I have two cars?
A. Unfortunately not, due to restricted space there is a limit of one car per apartment.


Q. Can I move in with my spouse, partner, and friend?
A. Yes, you can, Assisted Living is designed to enable you to continue living your life just as you want.


Q. How will you help me during the move in process?
A. We understand that downsizing and moving can be challenging so we will ensure that you have as much information as possible. This will include a welcome pack with details of all the services we provide and what to consider before you move, including liaising with your removal team. Our Trinity Lodge team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and help wherever possible.
Once you have arrived, we will introduce you to all the team including our care team if required. Our maintenance team will be able to assist with picture hanging etc.


Q. Are there any requirements for me to be eligible to rent an apartment at Trinity Lodge?
A. Part of our planning restriction for St George’s Park is that at least one person must be aged 60 or over to live in the apartment. This person will need to take a health and wellbeing assessment to allow Augustinian Care to confirm that Trinity Lodge is right for them.
We also recognise that everyone’s personal circumstances are different and may change during their time at Trinity Lodge. This is why we allow people who aren’t over 60 years old to live with you full time for as long as you live there.
There is a maximum limit of people who can reside in the apartment. Two for the one-bedroom apartments and for the two bedroom, two people for the master bedroom and one for the second, three maximum.


Q. Why do I have to take a health and wellbeing assessment?
A. The health, wellbeing and safety of our residents is of paramount importance. This assessment will be carried out by a senior member of our Care Team and will help to ensure that Trinity Lodge is right for you. It is very important that we are confident that the level of assistance you may require is something we are able to offer.


Q. Is Assisted Living suitable for people living with Dementia?
A. Yes it can be. It depends on the individual situation and if the person living with dementia would feel comfortable in an Assisted Living environment. The health and safety of all our residents is very important and for this reason we will ask you to undergo a health and wellbeing assessment carried out by one of our qualified staff.


Q. Is Trinity Lodge a Care Home?
A. No Trinity Lodge is not a Care Home. You will have the independence of renting your own apartment, which is part of a community that offers a range of high-quality services and amenities for you and your guests.
Maintaining your independence is a priority and we want our residents to have peace of mind; that is why our Domiciliary Care service is available to offer you care should you require it.


Q. When would a care home be better than an Assisted Living apartment?
A. If you or partner are struggling to look after themselves and would benefit from constant care, then a care home could be the better option. Details of our care homes can be found at . They are both located adjacent to Trinity Lodge.


Q. What happens if my health deteriorates while I am living in an Assisted Living apartment?
A. One of the advantages of Assisted Living is that it can be adjusted around your needs as they change. This can be done via our Domiciliary Care Team; you will be able to review your needs on a regular basis with a member of the team. Should the time come when we are unable to ensure your health, safety, and wellbeing we would work with you and your family to find a suitable solution which may mean you considering a different option.


Q. Are my friends and family allowed to stay?
A. Yes, they can. There is also a visitor suite available within Trinity Lodge which can be hired per night for a competitive fee.


Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. Unfortunately pets are not allowed. We do have many animals in our grounds, and you are always welcome to visit them.


 Q. How do I pay my Monthly Rental and Service Charge?
A. We will invoice you monthly in advance. When you move to Trinity Lodge, we will require you to set up a direct debit.


Q. Other than the rental what other costs will I have to pay for?
A. Full details can be found in our Key Facts Sheet. You will be liable to pay your Council Tax.
There are also some additional ‘on demand’ services (such as hairdressing) that will need to be paid for should you use them.


Q. Does the rental charge cover my contents insurance?
A. No, your contents insurance would not be covered. We strongly recommend that you take out this insurance.


Q. Can I live in my apartment for only part of the year?
A. Yes of course. Your rental would still need to be paid for the time you were not in occupation. You are not allowed to leave your apartment vacant for more than 12 months in a row. If you are planning on not staying in your apartment for more than 30 days, it is a requirement of our insurance that you notify us so we are able to carry out planned checks as agreed. 


Q. Can I sublet, rent out my apartment?
A. No, this is not permitted under the terms of your Assured Tenancy Agreement.


Q. Can I carry out works to my apartment?
A. You may not carry out any works to your apartment as stated in your Assured Tenancy Agreement.
If you feel your apartment requires some attention, contact the hospitality team and they will make the necessary arrangements.


Q. What happens if my apartment needs redecorating?
A. You are required to maintain your apartment as laid out in your Assured Tenancy Agreement. If you feel your apartment requires some attention, contact the hospitality team and they will make the necessary arrangements.


Q. Is there Wi-Fi coverage within my apartment?
A. Wi-Fi coverage is included within your rental charge cost. You will be able to sign into your own dedicated Wi-Fi. There will also be Wi-Fi coverage in the communal areas.


Q. Who are ARCO and what do they do?
A.  St George's Park is a member of ARCO, the Associated Retirement Community Operators (  ARCO is the main body representing the retirement community sector in the UK. As an Approved Operator, we aim to always comply with the ARCO Consumer Code (

ARCO continually strives to:

  • Promote confidence in the sector, ensuring that all members are providing a high-quality service to their residents. We achieve this through ARCO’s Standards and Compliance Framework.
  • Raise awareness of the Integrated Retirement Community model amongst older people and stakeholders alike – ensuring that all older people are aware of the variety of housing options available to them; and that policy makers fully understand the ways in which this type of housing provision can meet the lifestyle, health, and social care needs of our ageing population.
  • Increase the volume and quality of expertise within the sector and share this with members, continually investing in research to better understand and promote the socio-economic value of the Integrated Retirement Community model.

Q. If some apartments remain unrented do the remaining residents have to pay extra to cover the costs of the upkeep and running of the building?
A. No, Augustinian Care will be responsible for covering the cost of the unrented apartments.  

Q. Do I need to get any further advice?
A. Yes, it is vitally important that you take independent advice, both financial and legal before renting an apartment. We try to provide as much information as possible. Should you or your advisor have any additional questions we will be delighted to answer these for you. It is very important that you get advice and make the right choice to ensure Trinity Lodge is right for you.



Q. Can I use the facilities in the Retirement Village?
A. Unfortunately this is not currently possible as the use of all the facilities is covered by the village resident’s service charge. You can place an order from the village shop, and this can be delivered direct to your apartment. You are welcome to use the Chapel if you so wish.


Q. Will the gardens /grounds be available?
A. All the grounds are for common usage, they cover 250 acres and have a network of paths so residents can enjoy the countryside.





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