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All apartments currently occupied, please contact us to register your interest

Shower Rooms

  • Thermostatically controlled shower valves with supportive L-shaped shower risers 
  • Provision for additional support bars and shower seats in areas where additional support is sometimes needed. These can be fitted quickly and easily by using innovative removable technology
  • Fixed panel shower screens which can pivot 180 degrees and feature a frosted band to allow space for carer support and to aid visual perception 
  • Level access shower floors with slip resistant porcelain floor tiles
  • Semi-recessed counter-top wash basins with comfort lever taps and the option for seated access underneath if required 
  • Wall mounted toilets, set at an optimised height for ease of use accompanied by easy-to-operate mechanical flush plates and supportive grab rails 
  • Low surface temperature electric towel rails
  • Tall LED side-lit mirrors (in all en-suites)
  • Plentiful easy to access and operate closed and open storage throughout
  • High contrast finishes to aid visual differentiation


All apartments have mains connected smoke and heat detectors with battery backup. These are connected to the 24-hour emergency call system which is monitored by our onsite staff.


  • Emergency call and communication system
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Cat 5 cabling 
  • High level sockets 


Each apartment has its own dedicated lockable storage unit located on the garden floor, ideal for suitcases, golf clubs, or items which are not frequently used. The use of this is included within your monthly cost.

Your garden

Trinity Lodge is set within 250 acres of outstanding natural beauty and has architecturally designed gardens, with planting for all seasons. The gardens are enhanced by specially laid ‘rubberised’ paths for your safety, so everyone can enjoy them all year round.

St George’s Park also includes a well-stocked fishing lake with fresh water fish. You can learn to fish or simply while away the time enjoying the beautiful scenery right on your doorstep. 

Other outdoor facilities include an extensive footpath network within the estate, ideal for a brisk walk or gentle stroll.

The beautiful woodlands feature bluebells in spring and rare protected orchids in the lawns. The many wildfowl inhabiting the lakes and surrounding areas are also protected. Purchase Wood and the front lawns are two designated sites of Special Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI).

The many animals here at St George’s include, sheep, our own Sussex cattle herd, Alpacas and of course our three resident Water Buffalo. Perfect for a visit from the grandchildren.


Kitchens are fully fitted and include: 

  • NEFF Slide and Hide ovens to aid movement of pans in and out, plus matching built-in microwaves
  • Zanussi 4 Zone Ceramic Hobs for ease of button operation and sliding pans
  • Tall integrated fridge/freezers to optimise easy-to-reach areas
  • Integrated washer/dryer
  • Integrated slimline dishwasher
  • Undermounted sinks with easy-to-use mixer taps, featuring clear temperature markings 
  • Plentiful easy access storage including pull out drawers, corner cupboard carousels, pull and twist larders and pull-down baskets*
  • High contrast finishes to aid visual differentiation 

* Some apartments only.


Accessibility is a very important feature. All apartments, whether on the ground or top floor, have excellent access. 

Trinity Lodge has two lifts and wheelchair access to all areas, including the sun terrace and gardens. Balconies and patios have been designed with level access thresholds making it easy for everyone to enjoy the outside. 

The same applies to our beautiful grounds. Footpaths and roads allow residents, family and friends to fully enjoy the countryside including the lake and farm.

Apartment availability and pricing

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park
Number Type Floor Beds   Status
1 4 Garden 2   Occupied
2 Garden 2   Occupied
3 A1  Garden 2   Occupied
4 A2  Garden 2   Occupied
5 A2  Garden 2   Occupied
6 Garden 2   Occupied
7 A1  Garden 2   Occupied
8 Ground 1   Occupied
9 Ground 2   Occupied
10 A1  Ground 2   Occupied
11  A2  Ground 2   Occupied
12  A2  Ground 2   Occupied
14 2 Ground 2   Occupied
15 A1  Ground 2   Occupied
16 A1 Ground 2   Occupied
17 3 Ground 2   Occupied
18 5 First 2   Occupied
19 2 First 2   Occupied
20 A1 First 2   Occupied
21 A2 First 2   Occupied
22 A2 First 2   Occupied
23 2 First 2   Occupied
24 A1 First 2   Occupied
25 A1 First 2   Occupied
26 3 First 2   Occupied
27 8 First 2   Occupied
28 6 First 1   Occupied

Why renting is the best option

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

The thought of moving can be daunting at any time. Many people are understandably wary about selling their property and investing in a new one, which is why we offer rental only apartments.

When you rent an apartment at Trinity Lodge, your worries immediately disappear. Your rent includes all the day to day maintenance and running of your home, including cleaning, utility bills, phone, internet and a freshly cooked meal every day.

Renting also gives you the flexibility to move in at your convenience. We simply ask you to sign an Assured Tenancy Agreement, and this entitles you to stay in your home for life*. Our agreement provides you with the same peace of mind as home ownership, but without the hassle.

Once you have chosen Trinity Lodge, we will need to carry out a financial assessment. This will give you the peace of mind that moving is an affordable option for you. Your financial information will remain confidential, and the only information the IFA will pass on to Augustinian Care is that you have the ability to cover your rent.

* Subject to terms and conditions

Additional information

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

You also have the choice of how you finance your rental. There are a number of options available and we recommend you explore as many as possible: 

  • If you own your own home, you could rent it out, using the rental income to fund your apartment here at Trinity Lodge.
  • If you have a pension, this may cover the rental cost.
  • Selling your current home is an option, and you can use some of the equity to top up any rental shortfall.
  • Or perhaps you prefer a combination of these options above. 

As there are a number of different ways, we recommend you take independent financial advice to make sure you have the right option, particularly if a house sale is involved. We have access to an independent financial advisor (IFA) who is also a Society for Later Life Advisor (SOLLA), so they are ideally placed to advise you, if you so need.

You can download our cost of living calculator here

This will help you compare between the cost of running your current home and what your expenditure at Trinity Lodge would be. Of course it is difficult to put a price on the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about any of the day to day stresses of owning a house.

Care needs assessment

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

Once you have decided that Trinity Lodge is right for you, we will carry out a care needs assessment. This is to ensure that we are able to offer the level of assistance you may require.

The assessment will be completed by one of our senior care team who have been specially trained to assess your needs and will know exactly the right help we need to provide. We want to be sure that we can give you exactly what you need. If it is agreed that we are unable to meet all your care requirements via our Domiciliary Care team, then alternatives can always be discussed. This will ensure both parties are comfortable that all your needs and requirements can be met.

Please see our Key Facts Sheet for more information. Our Domiciliary Care are CQC regulated with a current rating of Good.

Apartment Types

Our apartments have different layouts, see below for details. 

Apartments are let unfurnished; furniture layouts are illustative.

You can download a copy of these plans by clicking here.

Flat type A1

Apartment Numbers: 3, 7, 10, 15, 16, 20, 24, 25

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen/Living/Dining: 4.77m x 5.76m / 15’7’’ x 18’10’
  • Bedroom 1: 3.90m x 3.87m / 12’9’’ x 12’8’’
  • Bedroom 2: 4.02m x 2.57m / 13’2’’ x 8’5’’
  • Bathroom: 3.28m x 1.99m / 10’9’’ x 6’6’’
  • Overall Square Ft / M: 763 ft2 / 70.88 m2
Flat type A2

Apartment Numbers: 4, 5, 11, 12, 21, 22

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen/Living: 4.73m x 5.75m / 15’6’’ x 18’10’’
  • Bedroom 1: 4.09m x 3.63m / 15’6’’ x 11’11’’
  • Bedroom 2: 3.14m x 2.44m / 10’3’’ x 8’0’’
  • Bathroom: 4.09m x 2.02m / 13’5’’ x 6’7’’
  • Overall Square M / Ft: 70.55 m2 / 759.4 ft2
Flat type 2

Apartment Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 14, 19, 23

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen: 4.92m x 1.83m / 16’1’’ x 6’0’’
  • Lounge: 5.66m x 6.12m / 18’6’’ x 20’0’’
  • Bedroom 1: 4.03m x 3.87m / 13’2’’ x 12’8’’
  • Bedroom 2: 4.15m x 2.67m / 13’7’’ x 8’9’’
  • Bathroom: 1.82m x 1.70m / 5’11’’ x 5’7’’
  • Ensuite: 2.17m x 2.00m / 7’1” x 6’7”
  • Overall Square M / Ft2: 94.73m2 / 1019.7 ft2
Flat type 3

Apartment Numbers: 17, 26

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen: 4.91m x 2.10m / 16’1” x 6’10”
  • Lounge: 9.19m x 3.79m / 30’1” x 12’5”
  • Bedroom 1: 3.13m x 3.50m / 10’3” x 11’6”
  • Bedroom 2: 4.18m x 2.37m / 13’8” x 7’9”
  • Bathroom: 1.83m x 1.69m / 6’0” x 5’6”
  • Ensuite: 2.24m x 2.07m / 7’4” x 6’9”
  • Overall Square M / Ft2: 87.68 m2 / 943.8 ft2
Flat type 4

Apartment Number: 1

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen: 2.19m x 3.94m / 7’2” x 12’11”
  • Lounge: 5.61m x 4.30m / 18’4” x 14’1”
  • Bedroom 1: 3.72m x 4.03m / 12’2” x 13’2”
  • Bedroom 2: 3.27m x 4.25m / 10’8” x 13’11”
  • Bathroom: 1.79m x 2.40m / 5’10” x 7’10”
  • Ensuite: 1.94m x 2.21m / 6’4” x 7’3”
  • Overall Square M / Ft2: 90.79 m2 / 977.2 ft2
Flat type 5

Apartment Number: 18

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen: 3.48m x 2.81m / 11’5” x 9’2”
  • Lounge: 5.70m x 5.66m / 18’8” x 18’6”
  • Bedroom 1: 4.40m x 4.00m / 14’5” x 13’1”
  • Bedroom 2: 3.50m x 4.00m / 11’6” x 13’1”
  • Bathroom: 1.96m x 2.52m / 6’5” x 8’3”
  • Ensuite: 2.30m x 2.17m / 7’6” x 7’1”
  • Overall Square M / Ft2: 96.89 m2 / 1043 ft2
Flat type 6

Apartment Number: 28

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen: 2.56m x 2.84m / 8’5” x 9’4”
  • Lounge: 4.76m x 5.14m / 15’7” x 16’10”
  • Bedroom 1: 4.13m x 3.22m / 13’6” x 10’7”
  • Ensuite: 2.21m x 2.16m / 7’3” x 7’1”
  •  Overall Square M / Ft2: 62.22 m2 / 669.7 ft2
Flat type 7

Apartment Number: 8

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen: 3.95m x 2.41m / 12’11” x 7’11”
  • Lounge: 4.40m x 5.56m / 14’5” x 18’3”
  • Bedroom 1: 4.07m x 2.87m / 13’4” x 9’5”
  • Bathroom: 2.28m x 2.06m / 7’5” x 6’9”
  • Overall Square M / Ft2: 65.53 m2 / 705.4 ft2
Flat type 8

Apartment Number: 27

Trinity Lodge St Georges Park

  • Kitchen: 2.00m x 3.63m / 6’6’’ x 11’11’’
  • Lounge: 5.66m x 6.85m / 18’7’’ x 22’5’’
  • Bedroom 1: 3.80m x 4.58m / 12’5” x 15’0”
  • Bedroom 2: 3.50m x 3.63m / 11’5” x 11’11”
  • Bathroom: 2.10m x 1.72m / 6’10” x 5’7”
  • Ensuite: 1.71m x 1.83m / 5’7” x 6’0”
  • Overall Square M / Ft2: 99.3 m2 / 1068.8 ft 2

Disclaimer “Measurements for Guidance Only”